for the love of Miramichi

Melanie has a great love for her home in New Brunswick.
Known for its natural beauty, it's musical heritage, and the hospitality of it's people, Miramichi is a welcoming destination.

Melanie's home festival is the Miramichi Folksong Festival where she first came, at a young age, to the rich heritage of acapella singing.  She was hooked by the stories and the passion of the singers who had lived in a time when this music was a part of their work and home lives.   She is now the Festival Director for the Miramichi Folksong Festival which is celebrating it's 65th year in 2022. 

Melanie cultivated a relationship with many of the tradition bearers but one special relationship developed with Marie Hare, who, thorough oral tradition,  passed on many original Miramichi folksongs and others from the British Isles. As well, she learned songs from other tradition bearers such as Robert MacKay,  John MacKay and Allan Kelly.